I offer a range of coaching options covering one to one on line coaching (triathlon or swimming, cycling or running as separate challenges), group coaching, cycling techniques, open water skills,  coaching through micro energy management and coaching for Visually Impaired athlete participation.

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Personalised Training Plans – One to one coaching on line.

This is ideal for people wishing to improve their fitness or improve their performance for an event e.g. the Fred Whitton sportive,  a week in Mallorca, a specific triathlon event or the triathlon season.  Individual Coaching includes the production of a personalised weekly training plan, a weekly discussion with the athlete and communication by messenger/Whatsapp and email. We usually use the Training Peaks app to share the plan which enables two way communication.

Price – £83 per month

Contact and plan production can be reduced to once a fortnight for £63 per month.

‘You are a fabulous coach, I’m so very grateful to be receiving your support and time. It’s clear you have put in a huge amount of work to become the coach you are.’   Sarah G, endurance athlete

Cycling technique – 

I coach cycling techniques one to one and in small groups. These sessions are appropriate for beginners to intermediate riders. People who have benefited include GB age-group triathletes and riders who have completed events such as Wales in a Day through to novice riders.

Sessions are tailored to individual needs but generally last from one to two hours and typically cover aspects such as cornering, braking, riding downhill, use of gears and group riding. We often start in a car free space so that we can practice the skills and then  head out onto the road to use them in real situations.

One to one – £30 per hour

One to two – £17.50 per person per hour

One to three – £15.00 per person per hour

The sessions were fantastic. The most beneficial for me were the up and down hill sessions. I have changed my technique and it is proving great!  Thanks’. Jane F

‘Wow, that was brilliant, the bike felt so much better downhill.’ Jo Mc

Open Water Swimming Skills

I coach open water sessions with my husband, Paddy Finn. Between us we provide expert instruction, opportunities to practice new skills and safety cover. If you are thinking about open water triathlon or a swim challenge event a  session or two could provide an increase in skills and confidence. Aspects covered include sighting, drafting on feet and hips, race starts, turning round buoys and dealing with irritation opposition. Price from £40 per hour. This takes place on Windermere.

Coaching for Recovery using Micro-energy Management

This is ideal for people who are struggling to recover from an illness or are having difficulty managing their energy. For instance if you need to go to bed after an easy run, and this is happening on a regular basis, then this may help you.  The most important part is the weekly discussion with the individual where we focus on all four energies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We then design a plan together and communicate through the week by messenger and email as necessary.

Price – £83 per month, there is no fortnightly option available as the close communication in these situations is important.

“Kath, you are my guardian angel, bless you! I would DEFINITELY have gone too hard, too quick without your advice. This would have seen me fail again and again with possible catastrophic long term effects. Thank you so much for your support and advice through a difficult recovery period. I truly would not be where I am without you.” Corrina Skelton, triathlete and NHS nurse

Click here for a more detailed explanation of this approach.

Visually impaired athletes

I have a number of years of involvement in racing with Visually Impaired (VI) athletes and am happy to offer help and support in any way with this. I have both coached and guided in a variety of situations. These include introductory weekends, week long camps for experienced athletes in Lanzarote and a variety of races, including open water standard distance triathlons and the Para National Championships, 2019.  Here I guided to gold and other athletes I supported took silver and bronze for the women.  I can offer individual coaching packages as above for athletes or courses for athletes or aspirant guides or clubs. Prices on enquiry. I am very happy to be contacted for free advice and networking around VI participation.  

‘I have achieved so much more than I thought possible because of you! You listened and took the time to get to know me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience and coaching and guiding us to GOLD! Thank you Kath.‘ Andrea Logan VI Para Triathlete and National Champion

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Also catch me at Mapdec Cycle Studio, Kendal – I’ll be coaching groups and doing YouTube technique and fitness cycling sessions