OK? Not OK? The margins are small

Anxiety and uncertainty – there is a lot of both around at the moment. All the way through COVID 19 everyone has been juggling uncertainty in their own ways and most people would admit to having days when things are less than OK. Our household felt a bit like standing on a plateau of molten lava, atop a volcano. lavaWe both lost our three streams of income at once, with no guarantee that they were going to return.  We went from a household of two to a household of six. Two adult children arrived home jobless, one bringing a jobless partner, and the third came back to sit online university exams with no guarantee of his third year going ahead.  Uncertainly was rife.  My husband then returned to hospital with an attack of Atrial fibrillation, a heart condition. Nothing to do with stress!? Things have since calmed down a bit, and we are one of the lucky families so far.  No bereavements and financially we are secure compared to so many.  I felt so guilty at not being able to ‘pull weight’ as I saw it. Being asthmatic I was nervous of volunteering to help, which is one of my drivers in life.

But help is given and received in many ways and mental wellbeing is not a static state, it is a shifting picture. Which is why I love the picture below.  Ok, not ok? Is one’s head together, not together, or even almost together?  Also is one together with others on zoom or not? Where does one fit in a virtual community? This one image raised all these questions for me. It’s such a good visual represntation and is a fantastic self-portrait of Tania as she waits for the start of one of my online cycle sessions.

tania (2)
‘I am surprised at how emotional last night’s chat got me. I am really grateful what you and the others are doing at Mapdec. It has pulled me out of a bad state so much quicker than I would have expected. Having the class sessions focusing on health rather than performance at the moment is just right for these uncertain times. I can’t thank you all enough for all you are doing at Mapdec. I am so grateful that you have created such a wonderful supportive environment for us all.’  Tania, May 2020

Tania is very open about her mental health and her honesty, along with others, has enabled me to see that I may not be out delivering pescriptions but I am, in my own way, making a  positive difference to the people around me. Thank you for the lessons in looking at things with a different perspective and valuing what I can do.

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